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This ingenious manual-winding movement is the result of a complex assembly of 529 components, resulting from a development in collaboration with the Concepto team and designed by Fabrice Gonet and Olivier Leu.


Rebellion continues its quest for performance and takes us off the beaten track with a surprising evolution of the Weap-One unveiled in 2017. Its asymmetrical 60-second flying tourbillon is transformed thanks to the use of a high-tech material: the synthetic diamond. A judicious use of sapphire crystal offers this mechanical masterpiece to be literally highlighted at the heart of the WEAP-ONE Diamond Asymmetrical Flying Tourbillon.

Always looking for performance and innovation, for Rebellion, the exception is the rule. The Weap-One goes beyond the limits of imagination. The WEAP-ONE Diamond Asymmetrical Flying Tourbillon explores a new dimension. With its slender structure combining titanium and sapphire, the WEAP-ONE Diamond Asymmetrical Flying Tourbillon is unlike any other timepiece. Two wheel-nut crowns close its atypical cylinder-shaped case. In titanium on the original model, they are here machined from sapphire crystal. The one on the right allows the movement to be wound; the one on the left allows the time to be set. The hours and minutes are displayed using two rollers also machined from sapphire crystal and positioned on the ends of the case. Between the time information, an asymmetrical flying tourbillon with a rotation speed of 60 seconds evolves on several axes.


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Rebellion Timepieces is born of the same passion for perfect mechanics as Rebellion Racing. Unique bodywork, exceptional technical materials, exclusive engines and outstanding performance: each collection pays tribute to the spirit of competition and car racing.

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