Saiff Vasarhelyi

Saiff Vasarhelyi

Put some colour in your life

"Rebellion is above all an experienced family in areas that particularly fascinate me: watchmaking and motor racing. The DNA of Rebellion is identical to mine. Create, innovate, use the best materials available, and especially dare to break the rules. This partnership is an honor, as transforming each of the Predators watches that pass through my hands to make them unique. Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence."

Saiff Vasarhelyi is a provocative young swiss street-artist. Passionate about motorsports, Saiff has started painting shoes in the streets of Montréal (Canada). Saiff is also known for painting sneakers for the greatest Formula 1 drivers. His inspirations comes from contemporary street art, but also from traditional abstract painters such as Pablo Picasso. Colors, people and energies inspire him a lot. Saiff Vasarhelyi feels that colors affect people's mood, and therefore prefers to use them very carefully to bring happiness in people's life.

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