Un chef d’œuvre mécanique

Its 60-second asymmetrical flying tourbillon, suspended between the hour and minute roll, rotates around multiple axes


Freed from traditional constraints of form and use, REBELLION's new WEAP-ONE is off the beaten path. As well worn on the wrist as arranged as a table clock, this masterpiece mechanics overcomes the existing rules. Its 60-second asymmetrical flying tourbillon, suspended between the hour and minute rolls, rotates around multiple axes. This unique and innovative feature allows him to challenge the force of gravity on all sides. Finished with two wheel nuts, this magnificent piece is as revolutionary as it is unique.

Inspired by the suspensions of racing cars, this exclusive manufacture movement made in collaboration with Concepto is housed in a detachable tube that can become a table clock. For ease of handling, this technical feat features a frame composed of two push buttons located on the titanium frame.

The hours are placed on the left and the minutes on the right, while the whirlwind is skilfully suspended between two platinum platters which turn in opposite directions at different speeds. Several differentials allow the flying tourbillon to rotate around several axes, making this manual motor extremely resistant to Earth's gravity.

A series of accessories will soon be available to magnify this timepiece through different uses to make it become a desktop clock, a car clock, or a pocket watch.




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